Application for Membership

The Blackhawk Labrador Retriever Club (BLRC) is a UKC Labrador Specialty club and the Parent Club for the United Kennel Club, dedicated to the preservation of the Labrador as a working gun dog.  We strive to share knowledge and expertise in educating our membership on the Health, History and Happenings of our breed and to present verifiable and documented education information to the individuals who breed and judge it.

Through its member based committees, the BLRC maintains an active commitment to educate and provide educational material about the Labrador Retriever to UKC, the public and the fancy and to actively engage in UKC and other events that promote the versatility of the Labrador Retriever.

We uphold the United Kennel Club statement , the Official UKC Breed Standard, the AKC Breed Standard, and the AKC Parent Club LRC, Inc. position that there are only three colors of Labrador Retrievers. Those colors are Black, Yellow and Chocolate.

We concur with the official Opinion of the AKC’s LRC, Inc. that a dilute coat color factored dog registered as a Labrador is not a purebred Labrador retriever. These are commonly referred to as ‘silver, charcoal, champagne ’and includes dogs who carry and who express the dilute.

The BLRC will not knowingly accept Regular membership from a breeder, owner or individual that breeds or engages in the promotion, advertising or campaigning of silver or dilute factored dogs that are registered as Labrador Retrievers.

 However, as a Club dedicated to the education of all, we are offering 2 types of memberships.

1) Regular membership - for those who sign the UKC and BLRC Code of Ethics and breed Labrador Retrievers to the written breed standard and who specifically do not breed, promote, buy, sell or advocate for dilute or silver factored dogs. Regular members are eligible to serve on Committees and the Board of Directors and represent the BLRC at official Club events and will have voting privileges after 1 year of continuous membership. .

2) Adjunct membership - for those people who do not wish to have a voting membership or receive any Club privileges but who wish to receive written education about the Labrador Retriever.  

Regular Single Membership $25.00 per Year                                            

Regular Couples Membership $35.00 per year

Regular Family membership $40.00 (2 Adult and 1 child, under 18)   

Regular Juniors Membership $10.00 per year-Juniors, under 18 yrs. old, who are the registered owner of at least one dog.

Adjunct Membership $25.00 per year

All BLRC members are required to be active members. Even if you live across the country, there are things you can do to help. Please consider this before joining.

Please provide the following information. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.


Any Previous Names you have used:

Kennel Name you use:
Any Previous Kennel Names you have used:




Date of Birth:

Do you currently have dogs registered with UKC?

If so, what breed?

Are you a UKC member in good standing?

How many Labradors do you currently own or co-own?

Are you currently breeding Labrador Retrievers?                     How many litters a year?

What is your interest in Joining the BLRC?

What is your biggest area of concern within the Labrador breed?

What topic of interest or expertise can you offer to Club members?

What activities do you do or currently compete in with your Labs?

What Committees would you be interested in serving on?

Education______    Obedience/Rally______  Agility______  Conformation______  Genetics/Health______  Breeding/Whelping______  Breed History______  Hunt Test______  Service Dog________

Therapy Dog______ Tracking/SAR______  Legislative______ Other Activities______ (Barn Hunt/Dock Diving/Hiking/Travel Safety/misc.)  Newsletter______  Making Event Fliers__________  

Website Development_______  Hospitality/Club Brags______  Public Demos/Events______  Art/Whimsy______

What other Dog related clubs are you a member or supporter of?

Do you hold Office or Board position with another Dog Club? If so, please list the Club and contact information:

Have you ever been convicted of or prosecuted for animal negligence, endangerment or abuse?

If yes, please explain:

Thank you for your interest in joining the Blackhawk Labrador Retriever Club. Your application will be reviewed by the Board and your name checked against the current list of known silver/dilute dog breeders and promoters. After your application is accepted, you will be notified at the email address you provided.

Checks should be made out to Blackhawk Labrador Retriever Club

Please mail your completed application AND the signed Code of Ethics with the appropriate membership fee to:

Blackhawk Labrador Retriever Club

603. S. Main St.

McVille ND 58254

Please email us if you have any questions:

Mail this completed application ALONG WITH the completed CODE OF ETHICS and application fee to:

Blackhawk Labrador Retriever Club

603. S. Main St.

McVille ND 58254


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