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Welcome to the Education page! You’ve already done something good by coming here!

When we learn to read, we begin with A B C’s. When we learn about dogs, we begin with what is called THE STANDARD for each breed. The STANDARD is the Official Written Description of what a dog of a particular breed SHOULD look like.

Each different registry – United Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, The Kennel Club in London, the Canadian Kennel Club, the World Canine Organization [FCI] – each registry has its own Standard for each breed.

One of the aims of the United Kennel Club is to ADVANCE THE BREEDS to a state of SIMILARITY throughout the world.

That’s why it’s important to start with the Standard in this registry, learn it, and then also become familiar with the Standards for the Labrador Retriever in other major registries.

Simply put, you can’t make up words when you learn to read, you must learn to read the words we all accept as real words.

You can’t make up what you want a breed to look like either.
You must learn the facts about the breed. Those facts are in THE STANDARD.

We recommend you read the information at the following links:

Understanding the Standard
Position Statement on our Opinion about the Color Issue
UKC Labrador Retriever Standard

Correct coat color, correct pigment color, correct eye color

coming soon —–   Labrador Retriever Study Guide 2015