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Entries for Labrador Retrievers at National LR Association {NLRA} Events

Entrants affected by this policy are referred to the sources listed below:


 NLRA  grateful for the interest and support in its events demonstrated by all entrants.

Dogs entered as Labrador Retrievers must be purebred, therefore, of a color accepted in the UKC Standard.
Dogs known or researched to carry a non-standard color or the genes to produce a non-standard color will be refused entry.

NLRA will conduct a thorough Internet Search of ALL owners/entrants to include social media and Internet History screen shots preserved at sites such as Way-Back-Machine to determine if the owner/entrant/exhibitor OR pedigree of the dog entered has a history of breeding/selling/advocating dogs who either display or carry the non-standard color gene.

Any owner/entrant/breeder/exhibitor OR dog suspected of carrying or displaying the non-standard color gene will be refused entry.  If pre-entered, entry fee will be refunded in full.

Entrants may provide individual DNA D Locus testing results from a Laboratory accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for an individual dog that clearly shows the UKC Registered Name of the Dog, the identifying microchip or tattoo, and a Normal or DD result to the Show Secretary to reinstate the entry of an individual dog.

A dog whose entry is reinstated using the DNA Normal D locus results is subject to verification by individual examination of the microchip using a scanner OR visual examination of the tattoo prior to entering competition.

Dogs entered who are subsequently refused entry under this Policy WILL BE REPORTED to the UKC Registration Department.



VIII. Entering a UKC event.

B. Entry procedures and deadlines.

4. Refusing an entry. Host clubs may refuse the entry of an otherwise eligible dog. While a club’s decision is subject to review by UKC, it will not be overturned except where there is strong evidence that the club’s decision is based on prohibited categories of discrimination (race, religion, national origin, etc.) or personal disputes. Clubs who choose not to accept any entry of an otherwise eligible dog and/or exhibitor must notify the owner/exhibitor in writing with the reason  why their entry(s) will not be accepted by the club and must send a copy to UKC.

TWO:  UKC Clarification on Color in Labradors of May 2014 promulgated by the Sr. Director of Dog Events

o The UKC standard is clear.  Any color or combination of colors other than yellow, black, or chocolate is a disqualification.  UKC does not recognize any form of silver coloration as a variation of the chocolate color and UKC does not and has not knowingly accepted registrations for Labradors that have a silver coat coloring.  

o Because it is obviously logistically impossible for dog registries to personally examine each registered dog, dog shows and events have served for over a century as a venue for determining and reporting disqualifying faults.

THREE:  UKC Entry Form Waiver         Refer to the Waiver on each UKC Events Entry form